Joffrey Dead

Season 4 Episode 2 – Joffrey Baratheon DEAD

Yes, yes yes yes YEEESSSSS!!!!!!

The little prick is dead. HE’S DEAD. I’m not gonna spoil anything by telling who’s the killer but I can tell you this is major. I really thought he was going to die last season but they decided to push it up the 4th season so I was eagerly awaiting this moment since the ending of last season.

I must admit, however, a part of me is a bit sad. Let’s face it, we just lost one major player in the game of thrones. I dont think anyone liked him BUT didnt we like hating him? I sure did, and so did my girlfriend.

Food for thoughts after this last episode:

Who will become the next bad guy? What will happen with the throne? Is Brianna really in love with Jamie Lanister? Will Tyrion be put in the cells and is he really the murderer? Where is the whore, is she really gone??

I guess we will learn much more in episode 4 because I predict episode 3 will be about Arya Stark and the mother of dragons since we didnt hear a thing from these in episode 2.


Season 4 Episode 1 Review

First thing first: Am I the only one feeling like the characters are getting soft? Lets take for example True Blood.  The first season was very dark and serious. Fast forward 2 seasons and this is starting to look like a variety show.

Now look at Jamie Lanister. This guy had a very dark background in the first  couple of seasons and had a very dark humour… Now fast forward to season 4 episode 1 (this last sunday) and the guy is not taken seriously anymore. He’s freaking playing with is forged hand with a grin in his face like a child wtf is that. He’s talking to that Brienne like he’s under her spell what the hell is wrong. Making jokes and all ??

And then you have Arya Stark without any emotions anymore (she used to be scared or cry once in a while), even a small grin before butchering these guys at the tavern. All this knowing her family just got annihilated at the towers.

And then you get the 2 Unsullied character ( my guess? ) who look like they are back to normality, they speak perfectly, dont look much shook by their past and one is even in love with Daenerys, how cute, he bring her flowers. Isnt he supposed to be broken inside like there is no tomorrow?

So I’ll be awaiting episode 2 to see where it’s going.  I really hope episode 4 will live up to the expectations they gave us in the comments before the episode.


Game of Thrones | Season 4 Episode 1 Review

Game of Thrones Season 4

Game of Thrones Season 4

Ok guys, Winter is Coming once again.

April the 6th is the date and HBO is the channel. If they dont put another Liberrace on us we might have a great evening. I just feel excited. What about you? What about your lover? Much excitment felt?

Seriously , I think I’ll go read the fourth book again to refresh my memory…. it’s just that the book is like 800 pages with TINY MOTHER $%?&$% CARACTERS. It takes half a day just to read one page. Wtf is wrong with you publishers?

HBO Game of Thrones | Game of Thrones Season 4

and cry

Game of Thrones – Season 3 Episode 9

Hi again guys, I didnt write about last sunday’s episode ’cause I kinda cried.

I was all pumped up. The snack was complete ready to be eaten. Lights dimmed and the 50″ HD screen set on HBO. Everyhing was going as expected until I see this fffffrRRRREEAKING LIBERACEE (whatever is name was) GUY’S LIFE THROWNED AT ME.

So, yea, I think I shed a tear. Pissed was also my girlfriend. WHAT A LETDOWN. What the hell is wrong with you HBO people. No warning, no nothing.

I sincerely hope HBO will pay its debt this week.