A Game of Thrones Review

Here is my Game of thrones review… I guess while awaiting the second season I could take the time to write my own review and what a great review it is! :P



Game Of Thrones Review

The first season of Game of Thrones incorporates all of the elements needed to create a captivating series. Power, greed, secrets, betrayal, lust, seduction, friction, and ultimately war take the stage in a mythical setting of knights, kings, and queens. Based on the first in a series of fantasy novels by author George R.R. Martin, the series follows three story lines from the beginning to guarantee a riveting viewing experience.

The epic novel that Game of Thrones is based on made its way onto the New York Times bestseller list in January of 2011. Six months later in July it had achieved rank as first on that list. In between those accomplishments, in April, Game of Thrones was adapted into an HBO television series.

Game of Thrones, season one, is a show all about the oldest pursuit in history: the lustful quest for power. Here, seven noble families fight for the right to rule the land of Westeros. As in any battle for power, the characters involved face corruption, lies, and betrayal as they carefully navigate both political and practical footpaths to attain their ultimate goal.

Human nature, greed and pride, is what drives the season forward and create inevitable drama and suspense. The result of war and violence is portrayed against the backdrop of Belfast, Northern Ireland via a cast of Irish and British actors. The author himself has attested to the faithfulness of the series to his work, a quality that fans of the novel will appreciate.

As the season opens, viewers witness immediate threats to the throne from regions in the north and east. There is a palpable sense of impending trouble and it is not long before the violent struggle for power erupts. The most powerful families – the Houses of Baratheon, Lannister, Stark – and the remaining great Houses – Arryn, Tyrell, Tully, and Greyjoy – remain in steady opposition to each other.

The series, like the novel, explores the condition of human nature’s insatiable desire for power and control. Even as the seven Houses struggle against each other, another evil arises in the North and threatens to destroy everything. As always, however, there is a group of good brave men that seek to defend the people against evil and untold horrors.


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