Game of Thrones Season 4

Game Of Thrones – Season 2 Trailers

Well here they are, new trailers and boy I can’t wait for the next season of A Game Of Thrones!!

The Cold Winds Are Rising

So far this is the only one I have found that’s was not “fan-made”. However, this next one was made by a fan and really came up good.




Now, here is a fan-made video giving you a prelude to season 2 by showing a bit fat resume of season 1 but this one is really nicely done and great music and good skills :)
A Game of thrones Season 2 Prelude (fan made)
(sorry video does not work anymore!)   :(


I wish they release new videos of infos about the A Game Of Thrones soon, april is a long road a ahead… I need something to chew on!

Ah well, more waiting..