Game Of Thrones – Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming – Well, in my case, winter has come already. It’s so cold!

Last night was at -20 celsius (-4 fahrenheit) and that drop came so fast! At 17:00 the thermometer  happily showed a warm -5 Celsius and just 2 hours later BAM -20 Celcius. I had a thought for Benjen Stark at that very moment… Ok maybe not, but still.

So a couple more months of waiting for season 2 of Game of Thrones. I have read the second book a while ago so it will be nice to remember all the great moments.

Question: Winter is coming for you to?


Winter is comingGame of Thrones

Game Of Thrones – Season 2 Trailers

Well here they are, new trailers and boy I can’t wait for the next season of A Game Of Thrones!!

The Cold Winds Are Rising

So far this is the only one I have found that’s was not “fan-made”. However, this next one was made by a fan and really came up good.




Now, here is a fan-made video giving you a prelude to season 2 by showing a bit fat resume of season 1 but this one is really nicely done and great music and good skills :)
A Game of thrones Season 2 Prelude (fan made)
(sorry video does not work anymore!)   :(


I wish they release new videos of infos about the A Game Of Thrones soon, april is a long road a ahead… I need something to chew on!

Ah well, more waiting..

A Game Of Thrones – My Take



October the 25th 2011 – Well people, today is a great day. It is the day I decide to start this awesome blog.

Since I have discovered this awesome tale that is A Game of Thrones (written by that genious named Georges RR Martin),  I’ve been kind of swallowed in it… against my will ! However I  never really thought about writing about it at all.  I work a lot all week long, I have a kid and I just and don’t have time for this kind of fantasy that is writing a god damn blog but I guess I just need to talk about it… Now that season 1 has been over for a couple of months now, I still find myself thinking about it, like a kid lol…

2 years after I read the first book (about 2 years ago), I learned that they were making a TV show. I just couldn’t believe it… It felt like many years ago when I learned about the Lords of the Ring trilogy movies. Seriously, I always thought this story would stay underground for eternity, only known to the nerds community..well I guess not,and that’s a good thing!  So here I am today writing about all this stuff, awaiting the season 2 of A Game of Thrones  like a total dork, and to think I’m a homebuilder.. :P

I must admit I’m quite happy the way this show turned out because it could have ended really bad if not done properly. The way it literaly sucked non-believers into the TV show does tell a lot about the quality of the entire production. I remember the day I discovered a bunch of making-of videos and I could literaly name each character just at first glance…at that point I knew we had something solid going on and I felt quite releaved to tell the thruth

Ah well, I’ll try to make this wait a breeze in the next months by publishing  all the crazy stuff and latest details I can find. Only the best and latest stuff, I’m a picky guy.

Don’t be afraid to send me anything you can get that could give us some meat to chew on.

Anything goes.

Well, Almost.


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