Episose 2.1: Power is Power


Game of Thrones – “Power is Power” ….ah ah well… what a clever bitch that Cersei is… I don’t think Little Finger was ready for that type of answer from the Queen (is she still the queen ?) after his “Knowldege is power” sentence. The kind of answer that make you wet your pants whoever you are… well except for The Dog.

We also met that crazy guy living north of the wall in his shack with all these women … all from his own family…all daughters and wives , both!… gah!  However I didn’t hear anything about all the brownish ground around the shack that is made of their own crap. Yes by crap I mean shit. Yes by shit I mean fecal matter. Maybe in next episode, when the action starts :P I’m not gonna spoil anything here sorry.

That little mother_____  Jeoffrey is getting worse and worse everytime we see him. His mom has completely lost control of her crazy child and she knows it. The imp is back to the rescue but this time with some power given by his father. Another great moment and even more reasons to hate him even more.

So, my review of episode 1 season 2 ? I think it was a GREAT episode and set the tone for the rest of the season in the best of ways. Can’t wait for episode 2.

Game of Thrones | Power is Power