game of thrones season 4

Season 4 Episode 4 – My Worst Review in the Last 73 Weeks.

This week I will try and comment each caracter concerning last episode. This should be fun I have no idea where this is going as I am writing this one last letter. Actually the dot came last so I should have said: as I am writing this one last dot.

Ok so here we go brothers and lesser sisters.

Tyrion Lannister: You can tell he’s scared, not much hope of getting out of this one. Good actor you feel the hopelessness.

Cersei Lannister :  Deserves another rape. I can’t believe she is still alive. Actualy yes I can, cause I read the books.

Tommen Lannister : He won the lottery and he knows it. Yea I’m jealous. Also wtf he look like he’s 23 years old. You need to shoot your series faster HBO people. People are growing way to fast. It’s like Arya, she look like she’s 43. Freaking Bran Stark is like 28, not a kid anymore. He look like he outlived his father.

-Jaime Lannister : He’s getting too soft and can’t beat a Sellsword. I can tell he’s not left-Handed from all my interwebz years.

Jon Snow : Still doing the dirty job, the real leader.

Sansa Stark : Safe for now but you can’t thrust little finger.

-Little Finger : His he the real killer??

-Hodor : What else to say…HODOR!! (bleeding)

-Grey Worm  : Funny how he can get back to an almost normal life after all he’s been throught. The reason why he his considered strong is because he does’nt have any feelings anymore. However, what I keep seeing his a bunch of feelings all mixed up throwned at us like he was not an Unsullied. Yea right, I think he feel to much. and aren’t Unsullied Eunuchs???

Daeynaris : She’s gathering a major army, watch out Westeros. She now look more evil than ever.

Brienne : I hate this character. For some reason I just can’t stand her. Nothing else to say.

Enough for this Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4, I’M back next week for a much better review, this one sucked big time. Sorry, punch me in the face and take my money.

Game of Thrones | Season 4 Episode 4