game of thrones season 4 episode 6


Alright people, so  my girlfriend gave birth just a couple days before this last episode yesterday so we missed it !! However I really could’nt care less actually, I’m just so happy my child is perfect, nothing is missing :)

Anyways…..nothing is lost people, ’cause I got it recorded. Now all I need now is some time to watch it… but what time? I have no more time left, I have two kids and Im tired. I feel like a character from Game of Thrones. I’m stressed and abused.  My son jump on me like I’m a freaking joke. No more respect is heading my way nowadays. I feel like a bastard. Luckily, summer is coming.

If you are still reading this for some reason, I have more to come later once I’ve watched episode 6 later this week.. or I might just wrapped it all with episode 7 for a mega giant special article.

SEASON 4 EPISODE 6 | Game of Thrones