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Season 4 Episode 2 – Joffrey Baratheon DEAD

Yes, yes yes yes YEEESSSSS!!!!!!

The little prick is dead. HE’S DEAD. I’m not gonna spoil anything by telling who’s the killer but I can tell you this is major. I really thought he was going to die last season but they decided to push it up the 4th season so I was eagerly awaiting this moment since the ending of last season.

I must admit, however, a part of me is a bit sad. Let’s face it, we just lost one major player in the game of thrones. I dont think anyone liked him BUT didnt we like hating him? I sure did, and so did my girlfriend.

Food for thoughts after this last episode:

Who will become the next bad guy? What will happen with the throne? Is Brianna really in love with Jamie Lanister? Will Tyrion be put in the cells and is he really the murderer? Where is the whore, is she really gone??

I guess we will learn much more in episode 4 because I predict episode 3 will be about Arya Stark and the mother of dragons since we didnt hear a thing from these in episode 2.